Belén Rubio Ballester

Researcher in clinical and behavioural neuroscience

Motor Learning

Experimental work on motor learning and motor adaptation

eSMCs - extending sensorimotor contingencies to cognition. European Commission. FP7-ICT-2009-6-270212. Code acc. to the funding institution: 270212 Principal Investigator: Paul Verschure (Universidad Pompeu Fabra)

During the execution of a particular motor task, an optimal sensorimotor representation allows, on the one hand, to predict an external sensory event and, on the other, to monitor the execution and adjust the associated sensorimotor representations. The exposure to sensorimotor feedback may provide an avenue for motor learning and recovery. For instance, motor imagery and motor imitation may be powerful vehicles to enhance motor recovery. This project explores the principles of motor learning through the visual manipuation of explicit and implicit feedback during the execution of goal-oriented movements in VR.